Hayden Housen

A logical and detail-oriented sophomore at Cornell University studying computer science. Previously, an intern on the Machine Learning Team at Ada Support. Researched automatic classroom lecture summarization using AI and deep learning in high school. Understands machine learning in production and full-stack web development. Maintains open-source NLP programs that perform state-of-the-art neural text summarization. Publishes guides for cybersecurity challenges. Enjoys running cross country in the fall and skiing in the winter.

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Collection of Projects Created by Hayden


For this project, I was named a top 300 Regeneron STS scholar. Lecture2notes is a state-of-the-art system to summarize classroom lectures using machine learning.

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Models to perform neural summarization (extractive and abstractive) using machine learning transformers.

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Will I Have a Snow Day

The AI-powered snow day predictor. Simply enter your zip code and an advanced AI will calculate your chance of having a snow day for the next few days.

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PicoCTF 2019 Writeup

My solutions to the PicoCTF 2019 computer security competition. I scored 13,900 points (top 3.8%) during the competition but have since completed all the problems to reach 34,201 points.

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National Cyber Scholarship Competition 2021 Writeup

I was named a National Cyber Scholar with Honors for placing 23rd out of 3,277 (top 0.7%) in this cybersecurity competition.

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HH Personal Website

This website is hosted by Netlify and is generated using my own custom open source theme using Hugo.

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GPT Impostor for Discord

Impersonate your friends on Discord using the latest research in AI and machine learning. Originally developed during BigRed//Hacks @ Cornell.

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Advent of Code

My solutions to the Advent of Code 2020 and 2021 puzzles. Earned all 50 stars both years. Solutions written in Python.

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PicoCTF 2022 Writeup

My solutions to the PicoCTF 2022 computer security competition. I scored 12,000 points (top 3.2%) during the competition as a solo player and placed 248th.

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PicoCTF 2021 Writeup

My solutions to the PicoCTF 2021 computer security competition. I scored 5,440 points (top 1.1%) during the competition as a solo player and placed 25th among US Middle/High School students.

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HackTheBox CyberSanta 2021 CTF Writeup

Write-ups for various challenges from the 2021 HackTheBox 2021 Christmas CTF. Solved all web, crypto, and forensics puzzles.

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HackTheBox Machine Writeups

Write-ups and tutorials for various cybersecurity challenges from HackTheBox.

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A tool to automatically summarize documents using the BART Machine Learning Model.

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AI Respiratory Doctor Desktop App

A desktop app built with Electron that mimics the AI Respiratory Doctor web app.

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AI Respiratory Doctor

A flask web app template for use with machine learning projects. Currently contains complete example code to run a fully functional X-Ray diagnosis AI.

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Personal Server

I maintain a person server where I self-host applications such as Nextcloud, Guacamole, and more.

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FreeCodeCamp Collection

Completed about 400 hours of coursework. Built 10 front-end projects. Completed 347 coding challenges.

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Fruit Classifier with ML

Working towards research in Computer Vision. Learning about machine learning though Fast.ai ML course and Stanford CS231n online.

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Machine Learning Intern @ Ada Support

May 2022 – Aug 2022

Undergraduate Student Researcher @ CUAI

Machine Learning Research and Education at Cornell University

  • Overcame bias in paraphrase identification by using autoregressive transformers & out-of-distribution detection techniques.
  • Experimented with zero-shot image classification via OpenAI’s CLIP model.

Sep 2021 – May 2022

Machine Learning Intern @ Ada Support

Improved multilingual understanding for Ada’s AI chatbots

  • Increased valuable customer interactions by leading a project to enable Ada chatbots to better understand non-English languages.
  • Collaboratively developed and trained state-of-the-art multilingual machine learning models.
  • Experimented with novel techniques and cultivated skills in PyTorch, transformers, and pandas.

May 2021 – Aug 2021


Summarizing Lecture Videos by Classifying Slides and Analyzing Text

  • Conducted scientific research and created a state-of-the-art system to summarize classroom lectures using machine learning, computer vision, and NLP.
  • Named a top 300 scholar in the 2021 Regeneron Science Talent Search, the nation’s oldest and most prestigious science and math competition for high school seniors.
  • Deployed ML pipeline in production via a full-stack website powered by Docker, Flask, Celery, Bootstrap, and Stripe.
  • More info on the project page.

Sep 2019 – May 2021


Open-Source Neural Summarization Library

  • Furthered research in neural-network text summarization models with a focus on long document summarization.
  • 4.45x smaller than state-of-the-art model but 94% as accurate at release. 10+ pre-trained models available.
  • Designed with code readability and thorough documentation as top priorities.
  • More info on the project page.

Mar 2020 – Aug 2020

Cybersecurity Challenges

Ethical Hacking Skills

  • Placed 23rd (top 0.7%) in 2021 National Cyber Scholarship Competition.
  • Placed in top 3% on average in PicoCTF 2019/2021/2022 competitions. Wrote detailed writeups to document my learning and help others.
  • Continuously solving HackTheBox.com machines and publishing writeups.
  • Learned ethical hacking skills including cryptography, forensics, reverse engineering, and binary exploitation.

Sep 2019 – Present


Deep Learning Fundamentals

  • Developed an understanding for advanced deep learning concepts by building several near state-of-the-art models and writing many machine learning functions from scratch.
  • Built AI Respiratory Doctor.

Sep 2018 – Jul 2019


Awarded Front End Development Certificate

  • Completed about 400 hours of coursework.
  • Built 10 front-end projects (available on CodePen).
  • Completed 347 coding challenges.

Feb 2017 – Sep 2017


Cornell University

Bachelor of Science
Computer Science

Info: In the College of Engineering. Board member of the Cornell Cybersecurity Club.

2021-2025 (Expected Graduation)

Pawling Central High School

Advanced Regents Diploma with Honors
GPA: 4.0

Info: Always enrolled in highest level courses. Conducted research into machine learning & computer vision through Science Research program. Took every available computer science course.



Front-End Development
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • SASS
  • DOM
  • Bootstrap
  • AJAX
  • Gulp
Languages, Operating Systems & Tools
  • Java
  • Python,
  • git
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • bash
  • php
  • jQuery
  • Atom
  • Nodejs
  • NPM
  • VSCode
  • Jupyter Notebook
Architecture & Concepts
  • CI/CD (Travis CI, Netlify)
  • DNS
  • Firewalls
  • Containers
  • OOP
  • Networking
  • DevOps
Platform Development & Administration
  • Kanban
  • HUGO
  • GitHub
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • WordPress
  • Docker
AI & Machine Learning
  • PyTorch
  • fastai
  • scikit-learn
  • CNNs
  • GANs
  • Transfer Learning
  • Feature Extraction
  • NLP
  • Summarization
  • Image Classification
  • Clustering
  • Hyperparameter Optimization